Mystery TV

“Searching for answers” is amazingly compelling storytelling.

And when viewers get to participate in unraveling a mystery, the answers are even more meaningful.

Phil’s “Life after Life” program, airing on National Geographic Channel International, investigates a mystery that affects us all… “What happens when we die?” In the search for answers, this one hour show reveals the amazing experiences of 3 very disparate people; a neurosurgeon, a teacher, and a writer. Each came within moments of dying, but miraculously returned to life. And each is completely convinced they saw Heaven while on the cusp of death.

“Animal Armageddon”, also on NGCI, investigates bizarre animal deaths where hundreds, thousands, even millions of creatures die en masse. They are horrible incidents to witness, but it’s even more frightening to know there is an uptick in these often unexplained events.

“Quest for Dragons”, seen on the History Channel, may sound like a whimsical exploration. But dragons have been part of virtually every culture throughout history. Even cultures who never knew each other, ‘knew’ the dragon. How could so many peoples make-up the same creature, if it never existed?

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